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Innovative EO solutions for our planet.

Consulting and innovating in SAR and LiDAR for 8 years


Innovative LiDAR

Extracting 3D metrics from land and forest, for inventory, planning and carbon accounting (as seen on the BBC).  Pioneers of multi-spectral LiDAR and UAV-LiDAR. 

Airborne and UAV LiDAR for all requirements.

Windblow mapping

Innovative SAR solutions

Making it even easier to extract useful information from satellite imaging radar.  Our tools use a combination of open-source code and our bespoke machine learning algorithms.


If you want to test our algorithms in a specific part of the world, email us a shape file or KML. 



Building capacity

Our expertise in radar, Lidar and the tools to analyse them, give us the opportunity to work together with agencies worldwide to build and enhance capacity. Training can be on site, or remotely. We use open source or free software (e.g. QGIS, SNAP, LASTools), and free data (Landsat, Sentinel) to ensure affordability for all trainees.


Let's work together to improve your access to space data.

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Find us: Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ, UK

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