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We work on 3D problems worldwide. From mapping cocoa beneath the forest canopy, to determining the height loss of tropical forest. Here are some key example projects.

Projects: Project

Forests 2020

Carbomap are partners in the Forest 2020 project led by Ecometrica and funded by the UK Space Agency. Working with forest agencies in six tropical countries, we are adding the third dimension to the common 2D satellite imagery. In particular, 3D data is vital to mapping cocoa beneath the forest overstory.


Rapid radar mapping of windthrow

We are working with the Scottish Government to optimise their use of satellite radar for early mapping of wind damage in forests after storm events.


Detecting Illegal Mining

As part of a larger project, we are developing methods of improving detection of illegal mining using satellite imagery.  We can't tell you where, as that might put our local partners at risk.

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