3D Solutions from UAV

LiDAR and structure from motion.

An impressive track record of processing LiDAR and SFM from UAVS. We are currently working with a new UAV designer to provide a bespoke long-endurance airborne LiDAR solution to rival airborne LiDAR for unit area cost.

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Products & Services


Real-time processing engine.

Our instant-Omega (i-Ω) is the world’s first compact, real-time, “no-click solution” for 3D laser scanning.  It can be used with LiDAR systems onboard UAVs or aircraft, or as part of a mobile mapping unit, and automatically corrects the point cloud on the move.

Satellite Radar

3D solutions from satellite radar.

Our team have a total of 50 years experience working on satellite radar for 3D mapping solutions. We use various radar products to derived elevation models (DEMs), canopy height models (CHMs) and height change.


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